Hi guys!

My name is Anna Walters, I'm the girl smiling funny in the photo above, penning the words you're reading, and the founder of The Mint Bee.

I'd personally like to thank you for checking us out! Without people like you, yes you, this dream of eradicating slavery would not be possible.

So, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about me. 

I'm a twenty two year old Ohio native. Temporarily calling Minneapolis, Minnesota home while I finish up my Bachelors at North Central University. 

  1. I can never get enough of Instagram. I love the community, the culture, and the creativity it encourages. Follow me @annaelizya & @the.mint.bee
  2.  I'm the most accident prone person, ever. Once I ruined my MacBook trying to take cough syrup, and the amount of art related injuries I've had over the years is unreal.
  3. I'm pretty allergic to pineapple, but it's still my favorite fruit. A rock in a hard place in it's truest form!
  4. I love people. There has always been and will always be this innate desire in me to get to know new people. So, let's be friends! 
  5. I love the process of creating. Ever since I was a toe headed little girl I loved the process of making nothing into something. I have always refused to read directions, and instead insisted on figuring it out on my own.

I suppose number 5 is an attribute of mine that helped The Mint Bee become what it is. The Mint Bee isn't your usual "save the world" kind of organization, and we're really proud of that!

I believe that our business model at The Mint Bee is different enough to be a catalyst for creative problem solving in all regards. We are not just going to schools and talking about sex trafficking. We are not just selling paintings. We are not just partnering with one of the many anti-sex trafficking organizations around us. 

We're doing all that, and then some!

 The Mint Bee exists to empower you to face the daunting truth that 27 million people around the world are currently being trafficked (A21). How? Through our three fold approach:

  1. We create. 10% of all art purchases go directly to the organization we are partnering with at the time of sale. This means you buy a painting and BOOM you are positively impacting the lives of sex trafficking victims! Additionally, we hope that our paintings, as they adorn the walls of your home, create conversations. Art has the unique ability to speak for itself, and our dream is that these works can create dialogue that opens minds and compels action!
  2. We communicate. Though we firmly believe in the value of funding holistic after care for rescued victims, we also acknowledge the importance of conversations. Most people still do not know sex trafficking happens within the United States, or that it's the third largest organized crime ring in the world (FBI)! Simply put, awareness is prevention . 
  3. We connect. At The Mint Bee, we partner with anti-sex trafficking organizations on a local scale. Sex trafficking is happening all around us, not just over seas. Our goal is to build a collection of great organizations in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD that are doing something! My biggest struggle with getting involved in ending sex trafficking is that I had no idea where to start. I never want your passion to "do good" to be put on hold because you lack ways to get involved.

 I believe in The Mint Bee.

I believe that, through art and open dialogue, we will see sex trafficking abolished in our life time.

Will you join us?

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